Zero GameDev Update 02

2017-10-09 11:57:40 by louisbrady


I am in the process of developing a new side scrolling platform game called Zero. Here is the second gamedev update. Here is my blog where you can find more info on the game. Please support and comment with feedback!


Poor Internet

2017-08-17 22:50:34 by louisbrady

2928258_150302434011_IMG_0615.jpg If you follow my YouTube channel, then you would have seen my new apartment. I like it. Independence. Got to learn it. Anyway, although I do not have a strong internet connection which prevents me from uploading continuous videos to YouTube and streaming on Twitch, I still like to play these games. I always play a few rounds before I do the daily challenge as practise. I play the daily challenge and something dumb always happens. I panic or jump down without noticing the damn arrow shooter. Either way... 61! #61